Keeping an Eye on Smyrna Politics

On Tuesday, March 5, the town of Smyrna had a vote on a special referendum for the Town Court. This ultimately became a good example of the lies and deceit that we’re up against in politics, even on a local level.

As is the case with every election and vote there are clear winners and losers. The Baptist Coalition did not, and is not, taking an official position on this issue. However, I believe it is necessary for us to point out the outright lies that were being spread by one side in particular. No one was going to lose a job. No one was going to be fired. And the town itself would not have been less safe. In fact, in the long term, the town would’ve been safer as the Council had planned to hire more police officers.

This is why we are called to be Ambassadors in politics. We should be above reproach and better than the status quo. Lord help us not to stoop so low that we’re involved in the deception and lies of lost politicians! 

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